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Tribes Of Judah

Tribes Of Judah

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About Us

The Tribes of Judah Academy of the Arts will be an after-school community outreach program for pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Our primary function is to be Christ-centered. We will offer classes in dance, drama, singing, and media. Students will not only learn their performance art, but they will also learn how to develop a relationship with God and deepen their faith in Jesus. They will receive training in how to live a Christian life and how to reach out to the lost with the GOOD NEWS of salvation in Jesus Christ. Students will take classes to learn the dance steps, acting, and singing of a chosen evangelistic performance piece. Ultimately, they will perform at outreach events such as churches, festivals, etc.
This will be a one-of-a-kind Academy with a unique offering to the youth of our community. Our plan is to reach and teach youth what their God-given gifts are and how to use these gifts in their everyday lives. We want to teach youth to have a relationship with God. We want to teach them how to live their lives with Christian values, as individuals loved by God instead of becoming people who conform to the common masses of the world; how to make wholesome decisions instead of giving in to the pressures of the world; how to form healthy relationships with others and with God; how to have strong families and raise their children in godliness; how to reach others with the Gospel of Christ. We aspire to develop future generations that will build up the kingdom of God.
We would love to get together with you again! You can contact any one of us: - ?678-578-9320



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