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Ensign Building Solutions



About Us

As a Building Science Company, Ensign Building Solutions designs and implements quality control programs for home builders. With a foundation on Building Science Principles, our programs provide builders and their staff with continued education for best practices in new construction. Our company provides solutions to builders for moisture management and radon mitigation during the new construction phase.

Ensign helps homeowners attain Healthy Indoor Air Quality by offering services to mitigate air pollutants such as radon and mold. Our technicians are trained and equipped to go into any situation and solve Indoor Air Quality issues for homeowners. We provide testing for Radon, Mold, Asbestos, and other indoor air pollutants. Our technicians are trained and equipped to install Radon Mitigation systems in home to effectively reduce radon exposure levels.

Ensign provides restoration services for damage from mold, water, fire & smoke. We are licensed and Insured in the state of Georgia to restore and perform home renovations.